Personalized Tours in
the San Francisco Bay Area

Hearts in San Francisco

What better image is there for a tour guide than a “Heart”?  A tour guide shares what he “loves” about his city or site with others, and they, in turn, gain some love for the...
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3 Perfect Days in San Francisco

The October, 2017 Hemispheres Magazine showcases “3 Perfect Days in San Francisco”. Thank you, Justin Goldman, for letting me show you some of the best of San Francisco’s Chinatown and to accompany you to the...
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Another Mention for Traeger Tours: this time, The Washington Post

Traeger Tours is happy to be mentioned in Renee Sklarew’s recent article about Silicon Valley in the Washington Post. We escorted Renee and her husband around our area in January 2017.  The article gives a...
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Weekend in Napa

This past weekend I visited Napa Valley.  I had signed up for a Stanford Continuing Education Course,  “The Geology of Napa Valley”.  Here was my opportunity to learn about the underlying terroir in Napa, and...
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New Services

I recently became licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission. This will allow me to drive my visitors around the Bay area in my car. (My SUV can comfortably seat 5 persons.) In  San Francisco,...
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“The traveller in San Francisco, asking the question Englishmen invariably ask, What’s to be seen? would be thus answered. The Big Trees, Eusamity Valley, Napa and the Quicksilver Mines.” —    Charles Dickens, All the...
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Touring the Hearst Memorial Mining Building at UC Berkeley

The Hearst Memorial Mining building (HMM) on the UC Berkeley campus is a memorial to George Hearst, former California miner, Senator, and husband of Phoebe Apperson Hearst In 1899 Berkeley was still a young university...
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A Silicon Valley Tour Guide Visits Facebook

Last week I was fortunate enough to visit Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park. This was not my first time at Facebook. I’ve circled the Facebook campus many times, and I’ve taken my share of pictures...
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A Short Tour of Brisbane, California

Brisbane is a small town 9 miles south of San Francisco, nestled in the Guadalupe Valley on San Bruno Mountain. Although it is located on Highway 101, Brisbane is easy to miss because it is...
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